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So proud.

I finally got up my first recipe post.

I am so proud of myself.

So proud.

Okay, more so kicking myself for not doing it a week ago…


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My parents are running a meth lab. This is the only explanation. The other day I was talking to my mom and I randomly asked if I could go into the attic (there’s an entrance in the ceiling on the hallway between our rooms). She said that there was no point, it was only a small space with nothing to do. Of course this sparked my interest. She was telling me NOT to do something? Well these must be secrets up there! I continued to pester her about it. What was up there? Secret love letters? Narnia? No, no. She wouldn’t care if I knew about those.

Let’s backtrack a day. I was in the computer lab at school working on a project for my Criminal Justice class, my project (which I still have to finish. That’s what Sundays are for, right?) was to research prisoners on a database which lets you look up ANYONE in the state with records in the last five or so years*. After a good half hour of mindlessly doing what I was supposed to do. It hit me. I could look up anyone and find what they had done! Seized by this impulse I typed in my dad’s information. Blank. My mom…not so lucky. A speeding ticket. For my mom, the goody goody two shoe driver, this was hilarious. Maniacal laughter burst out. My friend looked at me like I was crazy, and after I explained she did the only reasonable thing, looked up her parents too. We spent the rest of class looking up teachers. (You’re next history teacher!)

Anyway. After learning of my mother’s “criminal” record. I decided that she and my stepfather are running a meth lab in our attic. Which makes TOTAL sense.

Or. Maybe. Earlier that day I had concocted a favorite creation of mine. Improved Mac n Cheese. Extra cheesey. Cheese does stuff to me. It makes me crazy. In a good, humorous kind of way.

Basically what you do is this, go buy mac and cheese single microwave packs (I use Kraft) and make it the way it says to. Okay. Hate me. I’m using processed fake cheese. I make REAL homemade stuff too but I haven’t perfected that yet because I’m lazy busy. Anyway this way makes an easy single serving. Which is good because with my brother gone I’m the only fan of it.

*Yeah I think the online records are cleared after five years. Because my Dad speeds. And I couldn’t find him.

So you simply microwave the mac for whatever the package says with how ever much water it needs. Here’s some pictures to help you if this is your first time with microwavable noodles. (Also, I apologize for the onslaught of image editing. Picnik is closing in April and I’d like to find a good replacement site before then.)

When done I throw in a handful of cheese (REAL cheese. Any shredded will do, I usually use colby jack…okay and the powdered fake stuff…) and a sprinkle of bacon bits (fresh bacon would be better, but that takes longer and my house almost always has the refrigerated pre-packaged bacon bits), mix it up so the cheese becomes all melty and gooey. Mmm…

Looks kind of watery. Let’s fix that.


Mix the bacon in now and let the mac and cheese sit for as long as you can wait without it getting cold (two minutes or so should be fine) the sauce will thicken up.

As a side I sometimes like to make a slice of garlic toast (recipe to come), but usually I just have mac and cheese.

Rating: 1

Marisa’s Not So Homemade Mac n Cheese


– One microwavable single serving package of Mac n Cheese (I recommend Kraft)

– Bacon, crumbled into bits (about a tablespoon full)

– Shredded Cheese of your choice, 1/4 – 1/2 cup


1. Prepare the mac n cheese as package directs

2. Mix in your cheese, then your bacon

3. Let sit for 2-3 minutes or so, and enjoy!


I’ve decided to make a scale on how difficult my recipes are.

1 – So easy my brother who at best normally only boils water could do it!

2 – Easy as a box mix. Maybe even a box mix. Box mixes are just fine, thank you very much!

3 – Not bad. Some experience would be good.

4 – Pretty hard and/or time consuming

5 – Do not attempt unless you feel comfortable with near death experiences

A Small Introduction

Hello World, Welcome to our blog. We will be baking soon and posts will come shortly! -Brianna

We’re both students in high school, when we’re not studying or out having crazy dinosaur themed parties (That’s a good story. It will be included in a post eventually) we’re probably cooking or baking. We really hope you enjoy our food blog, and try something out! A lot of what I post won’t be 100% original (but I do have some recipes to die for…) but I like to tweak recipes to make them tastier (and usually more garlicy. If you don’t like garlic…don’t read my posts). Also, I really like bacon. – Marisa