Marisa is a brilliant and awesome 17 year old girl in her junior year of high school. Oh, she’s very modest too, even though she’s far superior to many people around her. She loves to read, (as long as it’s not Grapes of Wrath or The Time Machine. Eesh.) cook, and color. Preferably pictures of man eating dinosaurs or Disney characters. Most of the things she cooks are whatever her mother wants, because Marisa’s mother doesn’t like to cook. Marisa somehow thinks that everything skipped a generation in her mother and she got all of her interests and such from her awesome grandma. Most of her recipes will involve bread or bacon. Mmm. Bacon bread?

Brianna is…AWESOME! Also a junior in high school…also loves to color pictures (with CRAYOLA crayons-none of that Roseart crap)…she also loves to read. Ellen Hopkins (author of Crank is a favorite author among Maggie Stiefvater (author of the Shiver series)and Becca Fitzpatrick (author of the Hush Hush series) (jeez thanks Marisa for being so much like me and making this really hard to write because all this stuff is so similar!) When not reading or at school or procrastinating Brianna is usually watching The Big Bang Theory, listening to some great country music *coughscottycough* or keeping tabs on the Minnesota Twins she’s baking (and yes sometimes those sweet treats do include bacon)

Marisa cooks Brianna bakes (with some exceptions)…It’s a match made in heaven!