Spaghetti Eis

So I felt this is something I should share. I remember in German 1 talking about this with frau Speiker but I always wondered if it was actually real
Or not and if Germans actually eat it. So spaghetti eis is not spaghetti flavored ice cream. It’s just ice cream that looks like spaghetti.

It starts with whipped cream on the bottom (why? I don’t know but it’s the best part because the ice cream freezes it) then it’s lemon ice cream squeezed out to look like noodles. It’s then topped with strawberry sauce and some white chocolate shavings to look like cheese. It’s super delicious.



Amsterdam Food

After a LONG day/night of traveling and a serious adventure through Amsterdam food and sleep was the only thing on everybody’s mind. We finally got dinner at 6 and everybody was ate everything. We had bread, salad, and pasta. For dessert we got chocolate mousse. This food was probably the best thing I’ve ever had because I was SO hungry


Our first more authentic lunch. We had some free time to wander around and Kaylee and I went to a little bakery for lunch. We both got little sandwiches and pretty much all we could say was I don’t really know what I’m eating but this is GOOD! We both got dofferent sandwiches for lunch and we tasted each others.



For dessert Kaylee got a donut like pastry filled with cream and covered with chocolate and whipped cream…SO YUMMY! (yes…we shared!)


I got what was basically a the BIGGEST donut hole I’ve ever had and it was delicious.


Dinner at the hostel the second night was some sort of meat thing (it tasted a little bit like meatloaf) and scalloped potatoes, salad, and bread and then ice cream for dessert.